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Happy 6th Birthday BizMums

Monday 12th November was the 6th Anniversary of the first ever BizMums meeting and I just wanted to give a mention and a big thank you to the Founder of BizMums - Michelle Childs, who’s idea it was to start a networking group aimed at supporting Mums in Business.  She held her first meeting in Shrewsbury in November 2012 and it’s now a nationwide organisation with over 80 events each month all over the country and a huge amount of online support aswell. I joined BizMums a few months after it started when my son James was only 6 months old.  At that time I was a very tired, stressed out new Mum trying to juggle a photography business with a clingy child who didn’t sleep, squeezing in a bit of editing and phone calls during nap times instead of grabbing sleep myself, finding it difficult to get out and make new contacts, and it was so lovely to find some people who were in ... read more